Remembering Cynthia Carrasco, our BABC Nurse

Not all people who fight cancer win.

Cynthia Carrasco, dressed for an evening out, in 2009.With much love, we remember Cynthia Carrasco, a wonderful, funny, loving, caring nurse and  energetic supporter of Bands Against Breast Cancer who lost her fight with cancer in May 2014.

Cynthia Carrasco, BABC Nurse, enjoying a sunny day under a patio umbrella in 2009.Cynthia was passionate about helping other women know more about breast cancer; how to to a self check, that if you have concerns and questions, you diserve answers; it’s your body, your life. She felt it was so important to share her knowledge and experience with others. We are thankful to have known and worked with such a wonderful, giving and compassionate lady.

  • Cynthia fought breast cancer and won.
  • She fought skin cancer and won.
  • She went through chemo and radiation for lung cancer in 2012.
  • Even while fighting cancer, Cynthia was willing to help Bands Against Breast Cancer with our training classes. She had the knowledge, and the experience, and she’d been there.

Cynthia Carrasco, BABC Nurse, with port, in 2012.Somewhere, in this Jacksonville area, there has to be at least one other caring, compassionate nurse who is willing to volunteer to help us inform other women about breast cancer.

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