BABC Breast Health Class at Virginia College

Bands Against Breast Cancer will provide Breast Health Classes at Virginia College on Tuesday, August 28, 2012.

It is so important to share the knowledge for breast health with women of all ages.  We are thankful for another opportunity to share this significant information.

For those Virginia College Medical Assisting students attending our breast health classes, we will be giving away approximately 120 goodie bags.

Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer AwarenessWe invite businesses interested in donating small, useful items related to breast health, or even good health and nutrition related, to add to these goodie bags for our Future Medical Assistants.  Please Contact Us.


We are VERY excited to be able to educate and empower these young women in the fight against breast cancer.

If you are interested in having Bands Against Breast Cancer provide our Breast Health classes for group of ladies, please Contact Us.

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