Azmyth joins BABC and the 26.2 with Donna to Fight Breast Cancer

Azmyth – 100% Unadulterated, Authentic, Original Rock Music!

Azmyth - Orange Springs, Florida Rock N Roll BandAzmyth is a high-energy band that really reaches out to all ages, through their thunderous drum and bass rifts to their catchy story telling lyrics. This band has no problem capturing the audience with their high energy electrical show.

Azmyth also has performed many venues such as the Daytona International Speedway, in the Sprint Fan Zone infield.

Tim, Tyler, Alex and Sean invite you to join their Rock n Roll Revolution called Azmyth and be prepared to have the ride of your life in this extra ordinary revolutionary time!

For more about the band, please visit the Azmyth Facebook page.

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