Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness Car Shows in 2020

Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness Inc (DCCCA) is a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to spreading Cancer Awareness in our Jacksonville, Florida community.

Line of nice cars - Car Show

They hold Car Shows to raise money to help individuals struggling with cancer and their families;

  • Supporting cancer patients and families
  • Providing donations to cancer research centers
  • DCCCA Volunteers, who can help patients during and after treatment

DCCCA held one Car Show this summer, and another in the Spring of 2021:

  • For more info about the Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness organization and their Car Shows this summer, please visit their website and the DCCCA Facebook page.

    IF you have a nice looking vehicle you’d like to enter in the next Car Show, OR if you have questions about DCCCA OR would like to volunteer to help their Club raise #CancerAwareness, Please e-mail DCCCA Founder, Gregory Dunning, at dccca23@gmail.com.

    Thank you, Duval Car Club Cancer Awareness, for helping Bands Against Breast Cancer raise Cancer Awareness on our First Coast!