Boobsapalooza 2021 UPDATE

We did not want to chance losing even one person to this vile virus!

Most of us have a senior (or more) in our lives, and some have higher risk medical conditions themselves, or have family and friends whose health conditions put them at greater risk. We don’t get “do overs” with this dang virus.

Just too much to risk. As a result of this horrible virus, there was NO Boobsapalooza 2020. We hope and pray that we will be able to have a FULL ON Boobsapalooza 2021, next October.

We are asking all of the wonderful Bands and Musicians who have been part of our BABC family, performing at prior Boobsapaloozas and other Breast Cancer Awareness events we have participated in, to each continue to raise Breast Cancer Awareness this year and:

  • do regular self checks
  • get an annual mammogram
  • encourage and support those working through chemotherapy and recovery
  • celebrate the breast cancer survivors they know

Life’s just too damn short. We love you all!

+ + + Currently, we hope to start planning for another excellent Boobsapalooza in October 2021, with our wonderful BABC Band and Musicians, Volunteers, and Sponsors, starting in August of 2021.

– We will provide details as soon as possible on our Bands Against Breast Cancer FB page, so Volunteers, Sponsors, and Band and Musicians can let us if they can participate by e-mailing us at to:
1) Help with Planning and Organizing
2) Donate something nice to the Bands Against Breast Cancer Silent Auction Fundraisers
3) Become one of the Boobsapalooza 2021 Sponsors.

Meanwhile, we will continue to support the local Bands and Musicians who have been part of our Boobsapaloozas and Bands Against Breast Cancer events in the past, and new ones who are ready to help next year, in our weekly BABC FB posts.


Rock on, good people!