Dailiss’ music could be described as uniquely bold; a hard, satisfying explosion of original rock performed by experienced, diverse and talented musicians.

Dailiss Band - group photoDailiss plays an aggressive, inventive style of music while maintaining firm roots in iconic influences such as

  • Tool,
  • Deftones,
  • Porcupine Tree,
  • Disturbed
  • Pink Floyd

The new and old. Yeah, it’s been done before, but there’s more. Dailiss is comprised of seasoned musicians from Florida, New York, North Carolina and Ohio who each add their individual expertise and stage experience. Yet, these five members blend effortlessly into a cohesive group, playing songs that move with authoritative rhythm, searing guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Dailiss is diverse, yet accomplishes what most bands can’t: They play as a single mind to achieve synchronicity and musical precision. And they do it with original music that is as intelligent as it is powerful.

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