Cupid’s Alley

Four guys join to make another Great Jacksonville band – Cupid’s Alley

Aaron Westbrook – Vocals/Guitar/Interpretive Dance

  • Back from exile, all charges dropped and ready once again to be a kind and gentle lover to the crowd.

Ron Fasbender – Guitar/Vocals/Stone Guitar

  • Ron is waiting to get is PHD in Applied Physics, but since he hasn’t taken any classes, he will be waiting a long time.

Steve Summers – Bass/Vocals/Fire

  • Steve likes to laugh only at his own jokes, vomit on friends, and seduce/scare away women. Only dates Sistas’ that listen to David Allen Coe.
  • Should always be the loudest guy in room.

Mike Williams – Drums/Flip-Flops

  • Used to be the Drummer, then wasn’t, then was again, then wasn’t, then was the bass player, then wasn’t.  Now he’s back on Drums again.

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