Reggae Swat Team

Although the Reggae Swat Team has gone through many transformations over the nearly 20 years they have been performing, the rhythm and energy which is the heart and soul of the Reggae Swat Team has stayed true, with some of the most talented reggae musicians around.


Reggae Swat Team - 2010The Reggae Swat Team is a Jacksonville Beach based Reggae Band.

  • G. Patrick Marino and Mystic Dino have been laying down the infectious grooves for the band for the longest of all the band members. This helps give the Reggae Swat Team an extreme tightness that can be heard by anyone listening to the band play live.
  • Sterling Worden and Keith Hall lay down the skanks and harmonious leads that give the band’s reggae music an new original sound.
  • There are so many members of the Old and New Reggae Swat Team you can be assured no matter who is playing for the performance you listen to or attend, it is going to be an IRIE session. The Reggae Swat Team has had the pleasure of working with some the absolute best players anywhere such as Dusty Barber, Van Battle, Soy Blanco, Adonis Boyd, Eric Carter, Rasta Don, King Eddie, Zac Gilbert, Donald Heine, Alex Kearson, Eric Mason, Carlo Mercieri, Ken Nasta, Scott Nasta, Eric Nicolino, Ron Perry,¬†General Dave Philip, Stephen Philip, Shane Platten, Scott Rademacher, Bruce Royal and Talis Walwyn, just to name a few.

Rest assured that no matter the Reggae Swat Team lineup for the event, when you see and hear them perform, it is sure you will get up on your feet and start dancing with the music.

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