Flagship Romance

Flagship Romance is a fresh, new, “real” male + female duo; music that you can believe in.

What sets Flagship Romance apart is not limited to what you see on stage or hear in their recordings,  their “real-ness” extends off stage as well.

Flagship RomanceOnce upon a time boy met girl, Shawn Fisher met Jordyn Jackson, and now they join in music to create something bigger than themselves – Flagship Romance; with music reflecting their shared passion and chemistry, they join to perform the music they love with whom they love.

Shawn and Jordyn also organized the inaugural Clean Water Music Fest, held in August 2012 in Florida, and raised enough money by merely doing what they love to do (making music and helping others) so that two entire communities in Ethiopia will have clean, safe drinking water for the first time. The 2013 Clean Water Music Fest was also a successful fundraiser to help those without access to clean drinking water.

This musical duo that started as “something fun” between these two lovers has created quite the stir in the Southeast. They have a devoted group of grass-roots followers whom they affectionately call the “Flagship Romantics”.

Enjoy Flagship Romance, the natural, off the cuff sound of two voices and an acoustic guitar.

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