Reggae Swat Team

The Reggae Swat Team band loves playing the local reggae scene and is always looking to expand it’s horizons.

The Reggae Swat Team band members are:

BoobspaloozaPat Marino – Drums / Vocals / Promotion
Keith Hall – Keyboard / Booking
Ron Perry – Vocals
Eric Nicolino – Guitars and Vocals

If you have enjoyed The Reggae Swat Team before, they have undergone a positive transformation with the addition of Ron Perry for lead vocals, and adding Eric Nicolino on lead guitar and vocals.

  • Ron Perry has a great voice but had never tried his hand at reggae influenced music before.  Ron’s work with the Reggae Swat Team has given him a new outlook on music. Ron’s ability to join this band, belting out great renditions of hit songs, has given the band the ability to expand in new directions.
  • When the Reggae Swat Team brought Eric Nicolino back into the band, Eric served up a broad scope of originality, that you can feel, even when the Reggae Swat Team is doing cover music.

So get ready for some jammin’ at 2012 Boobsapalooza, with the Reggae Swat Team!

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