Out of Hand

Out of Hand is a local, Jacksonville Band, and the right entertaining band for just about any kind of good times event.

Out of HandOut of Hand brings the stage experience to the crowd, with the tightest and most professional outfit in the Jacksonville Area.

This band covers the spectrum of genres and creates a look and feel that makes them stand apart.

You will hear the saxophone coming through in songs that you could have never have expected.

OOH also has a smokin’ guitarist with strong rock and blues influences, working right along with one of the tightest rhythm sections any band could ask for.

Vocals are one of the stand-out qualities of OOH; Soulful and Southern.

The Out of Hand lineup:

  • Jeremy King (tenor sax/vocals)
  • Mike Church (bass)
  • Billy Baker (percussion)
  • Bert Mingea (guitar/vocals)
  • Skip Towne (guitar/vocals)

Are you ready for a band that brings good music and entertainment?  Here comes Out of Hand!

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