Chrome Heart

Based in Northeast Florida, four of the top musicians in the area come together to create Chrome Heart – what can only be described as a magical chemistry of styles and showmanship.

Chrome Heart“It’s about the music and entertaining the crowds, but it’s also about the connection that musicians share during those live performances. We talk about “playing” it forward – giving everything you got to make sure every person at that show can feel the music,” says BethAnne Higgins Shumack, Lead Vocals and Keyboards for Chrome Heart.

BethAnne hand-picked 3 fellow professional musicians, who each perform with other local bands, for this Chrome Heart Band project. From this, her new collaborative band, Chrome Heart, delivers consistently entertaining and exciting performances.  Chrome Heart has one of the best and most diverse set lists in the Northeast Florida area. The band covers many artists, to include many crowd favorites, both new and old, and the band is constantly adding new music, encouraging their popularity and appealing to crowds of all ages and musical tastes.

Chrome Heart has enjoyed performing to large audiences for Daytona Biketoberfest, the Georgia/Florida game (“The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party”), Daytona Bike Week, and the Annual Party. The band has also proudly entertained regional audiences at many other popular venues.

Says BethAnne, “I am very excited about who has been assembled for this project, the audiences’ positive response, and the fan support. I look forward to ROCKIN’ a stage near you soon!”

Get YOUR Motor Runnin’ with Chrome Heart!

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