Pink and Drink Pub Crawl for BABC

Mark your calendars for The Bands Against Breast Cancer PINK & DRINK PUB CRAWL – Saturday, September 15, 2012, starting at Lynch’s Irish Pub in Jacksonville Beach, at 1PM!

Having some fun in Pink!Join in the fun and help us spread the word about Bands Against Breast Cancer and Boobsapalooza!

We’ll have some fun and Pink & Drink our way to area beach bars like Dick’s Wings, Bo’s Coral Reef, and more!

This going to be a lot of fun for a very good cause.

There is still time to get your tickets.
Buy your Pink & Drink Pub Crawl Tickets NOW!

We’ll end back at Lynch’s to celebrate the 5th Year Anniversary of Bands Against Breast Cancer and Boobsapalooza, music and fun!  What a Celebration; complete with a real cake and all kinds of fun stuff! :)

Cost of this Pink and Drink event is $10 – gets you the “Pink and Drink” drink specials and some cool Bands Against Breast Cancer swag!

  • Don’t forget to wear your Pink!  There will be Prizes for the best PINK outfits!
  • And we’ll have raffle prizes for Bands Against Breast Cancer swag and gear.

Find out all the details, and let your friends know you’re coming with us on our Pink and Drink Pub Crawl Event Facebook page.

Sign Up Now for 2012 Mizter Boobsapalooza

Join us in the fight against breast cancer.

Mizter Boobsapalooza Contestant and friendSome people Volunteer to help at Boobsapalooza.

Some people support the fight by becoming 2012 Boobsapalooza Sponsors, and some by helping Sponsor Bands Against Breast Cancer.

And then there are the men who are willing to support the fight against breast cancer and help with fundraising in a very special way, as participants in the 2012 Mizter Boobsapalooza Contest.

If you are a man who is willing to have fun, and help us in the fundraising to fight breast cancer in this artistic and creative way, please read the Rules / Regulations on the 2012 Mizter Boobsapalooza Contest PDF, then print and fill out the application and mail it to:

Bands Against Breast Cancer, Inc.
P.O. Box 49251
Jacksonville Beach, Florida  32250

If you have questions about becoming A 2012 Mizter Boobsapalooza Contestant, and Joining us in the fight against Breast cancer, please Contact Us, or e-mail us –


BABC Breast Health Class at Virginia College

Bands Against Breast Cancer will provide Breast Health Classes at Virginia College on Tuesday, August 28, 2012.

It is so important to share the knowledge for breast health with women of all ages.  We are thankful for another opportunity to share this significant information.

For those Virginia College Medical Assisting students attending our breast health classes, we will be giving away approximately 120 goodie bags.

Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer AwarenessWe invite businesses interested in donating small, useful items related to breast health, or even good health and nutrition related, to add to these goodie bags for our Future Medical Assistants.  Please Contact Us.


We are VERY excited to be able to educate and empower these young women in the fight against breast cancer.

If you are interested in having Bands Against Breast Cancer provide our Breast Health classes for group of ladies, please Contact Us.

Breast Cancer Survivor Debra – My Story

Bands Against Breast Cancer is thankful to be able to share this moving story of one lady’s personal fight with breast cancer.

My Breast Cancer Survivor Story

By Debra Shuman

Debra Shuman - My Breast Cancer Survivor StoryMy mother passed away from endometrial cancer September 2003, my father from bile duct cancer April 2006 and I found my lump in my left breast while I was showering May 1, 2008.  My first thought was cancer, but how could that be? I had a mammogram on December 21, 2007 and there was nothing indicating I may have any issues.  I kept thinking I am an only child. This could never happen again to a family in less than 5 years; it’s just too cruel.  Boy, was I wrong!

May 21, 2008 at the age of 45 I was told I had breast cancer. The garden variety. Of course when I went to my gynecologist, I was told no worries, we’re just being cautious, 80% of the time it is nothing.  I still cried, maybe I already knew. If I didn’t really KNOW, I did when the doctor looked at the film and suggested the biopsy. He showed me the film from December compared to the newest one from May; the difference was so dramatic, even I could see it.  The next week when the biopsy was completed, they placed a marker shaped like a breast cancer ribbon (so small that the ribbon is not visible to the naked eye) by the largest tumor (there were 2).  Yep, that sealed the deal in my head.

I told only a few close friends and most of them were supportive.  Of course, they told me it will be nothing.  I did lose one friend; she kept asking why I was being so negative. I lived alone and wanted to talk to someone about what I needed to do to prepare. She didn’t get it. I wasn’t being negative. I was getting my life in order so I could go into battle.

My first meeting with the doctors was comical.  My 25 year old son Matthew came with me and he kept saying no matter what just get a double mastectomy.  It wasn’t his boobs so he had no idea what he was asking.  Three doctors examined me, and I do mean examined.  Matt had to step out of the room each time.  By the time I was done, I proclaimed it was the only time I had been felt up by 3 men in one day.  Matt did not find that humorous at all.  What I found out that day was no matter what I chose to do, I would still have to do chemo and radiation; I was estrogen positive and Her 2 positive.  The decision was a lumpectomy. Heck, I was only 45 and single.

I had support from my family and friends.  My older children flew in.  My youngest daughter, Amber, flew in from Pittsburgh and surprised me.  It made it so much better to have her there.  Surgery was great.  The tests before were interesting, but all in all, it went well.  As I woke up after surgery, the first thing I was told, was that it had not spread and they only needed to take out 2 lymph nodes!  CELEBRATE!  That changed a week later when I received a phone call changing my status from stage one to stage two.  There were cells in the sentinel node and a second surgery was required to remove 14 more lymph nodes and more tissue from my breast.  In the end there were 2 tumors (only one was cancerous) and lots of calcification, which needed to be removed.  I ended with a partial mastectomy.  My left areola was so high I had to show everyone that would look, it really was funny. I had to find the humor.  My battle was just beginning and humor is my best weapon.

Chemo was 4 treatments of Adriamyacin (the red devil), 12 of Taxol, then 24 of Herceptin.  I was so blessed that I never really got too sick, although tuna fish is no longer a favorite.  I learned to eat what I could.  My food was fried chicken sandwiches and French fries.  It served me well and I gained 40 pounds (as my doctor said, that is better than losing so don’t worry about it).  One more thing my oncologist said to me, “I will not let your life change anymore than it has to.”  I took him seriously and any slight change in my well being I let him know and he did what he could to help.  I went to Jaguar games.  I went to work (only missed 4 days due to chemo and they were scheduled because I was tired).  I rested a lot and drank an ocean of water, but I lived my life.  The neighbor mowed my yard and family friends always came by to check on me after treatments.  After the red devil treatments, my granddaughter, who was 3 at the time, would come over and take naps with me.  She also wanted to have her hair cut like Mugga’s (that’s me!); bald.  We said no, so she tried to pull it out.  Grandchildren are just as devoted to their grandmothers!  Taxol did not cause me any issues other than numb feet and toes, but the doctor worked with me on that.  Radiation was a breeze and Herceptin had no side effects.

I have had 5 reconstruction surgeries, and yes the left areola is still not even with the right side, but that is okay.  I just joke about it.  I joked about being hairless and looking like Uncle Fester  and I still have the bag of hair from when my niece shaved my head.  Yes, I cried, but I also laughed.  Mostly, I was amazed by the kindness of people.  Like the lady who bought my $260.00 wig, just beacuse she happened to be in the wig shop.  She didn’t even know me.  Or the friends how who played poker to raise $300.00 for me.  The gifts I received from friends, from candy to a breast cancer lunch box.  The encouragement from people I didn’t even know.  The Combat Boots poem from the author because she saw me alone at my radiation visits.  The hat from a friend to keep my head from  getting cold at the football games.  The list is endless. The most precious thing was a new lease on life and a renewed relationship with the man that I thought was out of my life forever.  I now live life to the fullest, I love my friends to the fullest. The only regret is I am so busy I don’t get to spend as much time with all of my friends as I wish I could.

I had breast cancer and so far I have kicked it’s butt, but it doesn’t define me.  I have found a way of giving back by doing a survivor calendar with a friend and Bands Against Breast Cancer, to fund mammograms for those who can’t afford them.  I am happy, healthy and I have a wonderful story to tell anyone who is placed in my path that needs to hear it.

If you would like to join Debra, and share your breast cancer survivor story to give hope to and inspire others, please Contact Bands Against Breast Cancer.  We would like to share your story on our website and on our Bands Against Breast Cancer Facebook page, and Bands Against Breast Cancer on Twitter (@Boobsapalooza).

Bands Against Breast Cancer Mammogram Fund Tribute

Press Release

Media Contact: Ron Whittington (904-563-0402)

Bands Against Breast Cancer Renames Mammogram Fund for Wilson

Jacksonville Beach, Fla. (Aug. 8, 2012) – Bands Against Breast Cancer (BABC) has renamed its mammogram fund to the Rick Wilson Memorial Mammogram Fund in memory of the BABC Board Member who passed away recently from a sudden stroke.

Rick A. Wilson and friends supporting Bands Against Breast Cancer“Rick was great supporter of BABC,” said Henrietta (Hank) Watson, founder of BABC. “It was an extraordinarily sad day and time for us when he died.  We felt there was no better way to honor him, his family and his friends than to name the fund in his memory. Rick could always be found at any BABC event, either taking pictures to capture a lasting moment for all of us, or doing whatever needed to be done to make an event happen.”

When BABC coordinated the bands for the 26.2 with Donna route this year, Watson says “Rick was by my side making it happen…even at 4:30 a.m. on a record-cold morning.”

The fund recently provided its first recipient with a diagnostic mammogram and biopsy. The recipient was not only a close friend of Rick’s, but also a Bands Against Breast Cancer volunteer. Fortunately, the biopsy was fine.

The primary source of the funding for the Rick Wilson Memorial Mammogram fund is a new addition to the organization, the Glams for Mamms calendar. Now in its second year of production, and preparing for the 2013 calendar, all of the models are breast cancer survivors.

“I’m thrilled beyond belief and it makes my heart happy to know that what we are doing can literally help save someone’s life,” said Laurie McSwain, a 2012 calendar model, breast cancer survivor, BABC volunteer and co-creator of the calendar.

To donate to the fund, please go to and click the “Donate” button, or checks can be mailed to: Bands Against Breast Cancer, PO Box 49251, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240.

For more information on sponsorship of the calendar or Bands Against Breast Cancer, please contact BABC Founder, Hank Watson, at 904-545-1819 or email

Bands Against Breast Cancer can be found on Facebook and Twitter (@Boobsapalooza).

2012 Boobsapalooza to feature J Collins

J. Collins MusicWe are off to a Great start, booking bands for this year’s 2012 Boobsapalooza!

We scored BIG, being able to feature J Collins in this years line-up! J and his band are off to Vegas right after Boobsapalooza, so we are thrilled to have them!

Jay Collins is an accomplished writer, producer, publisher and singer, and his soul really resonates within the music he creates.

He captures his audience through his soulful rustic charm; Collins is a fan based country music artist whose lyrics pay homage to a life of struggle & triumph.

With one hand in the past and the other reaching towards the future, Jay Collins is quickly making his mark as an artist who can reach into the heart of America.

You just might wanna pull out some rockin’ pink cowboy boots for this!